The Mid-Sweden Games Industry Cluster

We are proud to write about the work we have, and continue to put in, towards securing the long term development of the Games Industry in mid-Sweden. Learn more about the Mid-Sweden Games Industry Cluster in this article. As game developers in a small town in the north of Sweden, we realize we are lucky. Lucky because of the nature of the games industry. Game development is a very specific niche of software development, where scarcity in specialized personell is too common. In Jaunary of 2019, Sideline Labs CEO Stefan Sångberg initiated a new venture in the region, together with other indie-game developers and regional officials. What he had realized, was that all other parts of the local IT-sector had strong common industry associations, meeting grounds for common industry development, whilst gaming, had non. At the same time, the Games Industry is particularly small in our region, there are only a handful of small companies working on game titles, and very few niche professionals. The need of an industry gathering place was apparent! That is how the embryo of our now up-and-running games industry cluster was created. Today, the cluster is working together with officials to create a larger association. An association that will increase the opportunities for everyone interested in games and game development. The Cluster is working to create job opportunities, investment opportunities, and community projects.