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F2P Mobile Game Developers

At Sideline, we produce Free-to-play mobile games. Specifically, we specialize in creating awesome Sports Simulator games. Located in Sundsvall, Sweden, the Sideline team consists of experts in different competency areas of game development. We are Game Designers, Monetization-experts and Unity developers, all with hearts pumping for sports simulator games.

We are

Sideline Labs Team

The Sideline Team is a tight-knit group of friends. Having worked together for years, the team originates from different areas of expertise and industries. We are always on the hunt for more people to join us, so don´t hesitate to get in touch, if you think you have what it takes to work with mobile games.

We make games

Sideline Unit Football

Sideline Unit Football is an all new sports simulator concept. Involving high-pace live-action gameplay. Unlike most other simulator games for mobile devices, SUF puts your strategic mind to the test throughout every game instance. In combination with a heavy focus on the long term development of your franchise, the game makes for some serious long-term fun for those wanting to challenge their football coaching skills.

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The Mid-Sweden Games Industry Cluster

We are proud to write about the work we have, and continue to put in, towards securing the long term development of the Games Industry in mid-Sweden. Learn more about the Mid-Sweden Games Industry Cluster in this article.